Qualitative and quantitative surveys using questionnaires

Questionnaire-based studies make it possible to survey an almost unlimited and specifically selected target group in an efficient and standardised way. The content of the questionnaires designed at IFZ consists of questions and statements developed precisely for the respective research object as well as psychometrically sound and tested (i.e. reliable and valid) scales to survey attitudes, behaviour, personality traits or cognitive abilities.

Using qualitative and statistical methods of analysis, we examine not only purely descriptive results but also relationships between the assessed variables and constructs as well as statistical differences between groups.

Experimentally designed questionnaire studies that randomly assign participants to different conditions and investigate the influence of the respective condition (e.g. the representation of different social norms and their influence on environmental protection attitudes) are also part of the IFZ's competence portfolio.

We put special attention on an inclusive and non-discriminatory collection of demographic data, such as the non-binary collection of gender.

For further information, please contact: Mag. Dr. Julian Anslinger