About IFZ



27. June 2024

On 22 April 2024, IFZ was involved in the planning and organization of the conference "Transformation through Cooperation V" at the Graz Museum, which was hosted by the association ACT (Actin in Commons - Actin in Transition) from Graz. The conference is an annual format with the aim of discussing topics that address the urban-rural interface with a broad range of stakeholders from the social, environmental, cultural, health and education sectors, science, civil society, agriculture, business, politics and administration.

11. June 2024

There will be no simple technological solutions to complex social challenges such as healthy nutrition for all people or responsible implementation of artificial intelligence in organizations without taking social aspects, environmental factors, social structures and power relations into account. The IFZ therefore researches the field of tension of digital and sustainable transformation in transdisciplinary projects with a social justice perspective.

7. March 2024

The University for Continuing Education Krems invited Anita Thaler to give a lecture on March 7, 2024 on the occasion of International Women's Day 2024 on how gender gaps in science affect us all.

13. February 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) has gained increased attention in Austrian companies due to increasing reporting on ChatGPT, the AMS Berufsinfomat or the European AI Act. The IFZ has been focusing its research on the topic of digitalization and AI for many years and has developed a concept for responsible AI in the dAIalog.at and VEKIAA projects.

21. November 2023

Biodiversity loss, alongside climate change, stands as one of humanity's most pressing challenges. Despite its significance, biodiversity is often sidelined in policy decision-making. Addressing this gap, PLANET4B, an innovative research project, delves into understanding how decision-making processes influence biodiversity. 

15. November 2023

With the ‘To be Published’ event series, the Coordination Centre for Gender Studies and Equal Opportunities at the University of Graz and the IFZ have been promoting the dissemination of results from excellent theses in the field of gender studies for many years.

24. August 2023

From July 5 to 7, 2023, the summer school "Breaking the Bias: Inspiring Diversity in R&I" took place in Athens, organized by Anita Thaler (IFZ) and Clemens Striebing (Fraunhofer) with dedicated international colleagues from the COST Action VOICES.

26. January 2023

The Gendered Innovations training programme by the nexus Institute in cooperation with TU Berlin demonstrates how sex and gender analysis can be an applicable tool to various industries in order to unclose vital paths for a world recognized in its diversity. Anita Thaler provided the VITAPATCH case study to share insights about the background of "Gendered Innovations" as well as the application of participatory methods for adapting the concept.

10. January 2023

When it comes to implementing Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) in research organisations many organisations still rather want to ‘fix the women’ than ‘fix the system’. The EU project CHANGE (2018-2022) aimed on this systemic level by using knowledge co-production to tackle specific organisational and country-specific challenges.