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Women* – Technology – Environment

Science and technology are not neutral. The application of technologies (e.g. related to digital media or energy consumption) is hardly being reflected on in regard to its consequences for social relations and processes. This is also true for scientific discourses and their influence on society and the stabilisation/transformation of social norms. This is where the research unit “Women* – Technology – Environment” addresses its research to, with four fields of competences:

1. Participatory technology design and technology learning
2. Gender in science and technology
3. Evaluation of gender equality measures in science and technology
4. Queer-feminist science and technology studies

Aside from these questions, we understand science communication as an essential part of our work. We are, both as individuals and in context of our research projects, present on various social media platforms and reflect on them, as well as on all our research topics, in our teaching and publications.

Head of the research unit: Anita Thaler

Members:Julian Anslinger, Michaela Jahrbacher,  Christine Wächter

Women* - Technology - Environment

We chose an extended gender-inclusive notation in the name of our research unit Women* - Technology - Environment. The star indicates fluidity as well as the construction of gender as a binary category and marks a room for genders beside 'woman' and 'man'.

Selected publications

Dahmen, Jennifer & Thaler, Anita (Hg., 2017).Soziale Geschlechtergerechtigkeit in Wissenschaft und Forschung . Opladen, Berlin, Toronto: Verlag Barbara Budrich.
Open Access


AG Queer STS [Hofstätter, Birgit & Thaler, Anita] (2017). Forum Queer-Feminist STS . Online-Journal, Vol. 2.

Thaler, Anita & Wicher, Magdalena (2015)

Begleitstudie und Evaluation des Projektes Code Studio. Bericht.

New projects!

New projects in the research unit Women - Technology - Environment

Evaluation „Code-Studio“