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GPP 2020 - Promoting green public procurement (GPP) in support of the 2020 goals

Supported by: Intelligent Energy Europe-Programm of the European Commission

Partners: Inter-University Research Centre for Technology, Work and Culture (Austria), Federal Procurement Agency (Austria), United Nations Development Programme (Croatia), ICLEI European Secretariat (Germany), Procurement Agency of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (Germany), Ecosistemi (Italy), Provincia di Roma (Italy), Consip SPA (Italy), National Laboratory of Energy and Geology (Portugal), OesteCIM, West Portugal Intermunicipal Community (Portugal), Umanotera, The Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development (Slovenia), Ministry of Finance (Slovenia), Association Ecoinstitut for Applied Ecology (Spain), Ministry of Territory and Sustainability – Catalonian Government (Spain), Catalan Energy Institute (Spain), The Swedish Environmental Management Council (Sweden), NL Agency – Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (The Netherlands)

Duration: 2013-2016

Content: Regarding climate protection and energy supply, 2020 is a very crucial year for the European Union. By then, ambitious goals should be reached Europe-wide, amongst others, a 20% increase of energy efficiency as well as a 20% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (reference year: 2005). The GPP 2020 project follows up on these goals and directs its attention to the potential contribution of green public procurement. With its demand, Europe’s public sector can trigger a leverage effect in favour of energy-efficient and low-carbon goods and services.

A number of European and national surveys have shown the deficit in terms of questions like these: how can green public procurement practically be implemented, what are relevant environmental standards, from where and how can information on environmental effects of goods and services be received, and which new environmentally sound solutions are already available on the market?

The 18 project partners of the GPP 2020 project want to remedy these deficits by the following activities:
-    Build capacity amongst public authorities for the implementation of GPP for energy related products, services and works procurement,
-    build capacity amongst procurement training providers, to enable the integration of green public procurement into regular procurement training programmes,
-    achieve CO2 reductions through supporting the implementation of GPP tenders,
-    promote knowledge transfer of GPP approaches, and innovative technologies and services between purchasing bodies and GPP support bodies across Europe, and
-    enhance permanent GPP support structures in the target countries.

Further information:

Contact: Angelika Tisch