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Lecture by Franc Mali, 26 January 2006: The Role of Human Resources in National Research and Development Strategy

Dr. Franc Mali is Associate Professor at the University of Ljubljana. He is teaching at the Faculty of Social Sciences of University of Ljubljana the following courses at ungraduate level of university study: Sociology of Science, Science and Society and Epistemology of Social Sciences. He received the habilitation at The University of Ljubljana in scientific field of sociology.

He was as a visiting research fellow at University Bielefeld in 1998 (DAAD Stipendium), at University of Klagenfurt in 1994 (Austrian Stipendium Alpe-Adria) at University Johannes Kepler in Linz in 1992 (Austrian Stipendium Alpe-Adria) and at University of Vienna in 1989 (Stipendium of Austrian government). In year 2004, he was for short time research fellow at Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society in Graz as well.

His basic research interest is oriented to different social aspects of science and technology, science policy studies and evaluation research studies. From 1999 ahead he is the member of network’s coordination committee of SSTNET (The Sociology of Sociology and Technology Research Network) at the European Sociological Association (ESA). As a member of network’s coordination committee he organized in Ljubljana in 2002 the international conference “The Commercialisation of Public Research and Higher Education”. He was involved in different evaluation projects in Brussels and in Baltic and other East European countries as well. Recently, he published the scientific articles in different international scientific journals and proceedings: Science Studies, Industry & Higher Education, VEST – Journal for Science and Technology Studies, etc. He is author of 2 books (in Slovenian language): Development of modern science (Razvoj moderne znanosti), 2002 and Science as systemic part of society (Znanost kot sistemski del družbe), 1994.

The Role of Human Resources in National Research and Development Strategy – some Policy Issues in Slovenia as a Country with a small Research Community
To increase the recruitment of young people for R&D activity is currently a big issue in Europe. We could talk about a pressing need to increase the quantity and quality of human resources in R&D activity. In Slovenia, the new national research and development strategy is oriented to stimulate the interest of young people for science. The guest lecture presented and critically evaluated some policy actions used in Slovenia to create the human resources potential in science. Namely, thanks to a policy action called “Young research program” the age structure of scientists in Slovenia is one of the best in Europe, in opposite to the situation of other European countries. In the lecture, the advantages and disadvantages of this policy action, which was initiated in Slovenia already in the middle of the 80s, have been presented. The results of empirical study about the importance of creative social micro environment for young doctors (scientific team in which the young researchers are involved, the social and professional relations between supervisors and doctoral students, etc.) performed in Slovenia in the period 2004-2005 were also presented. The results of investigations additionally approved the thesis that without adequate policy measures, it is not possible to activate the potential of human resources in science.

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