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Programme 2nd Annual IAS-STS Conference

15th November 2002
8:30 Guenter Getzinger, Austria: Introduction
Session 1
Chair: Bernhard Wieser, Austria
8:45 Michalis Assimakopoulos, Greece: Technological Determinism: A Theory about Society or a Theory about Technology?
9:00 Ulrich Dolata, Germany: Stubborn Actors, the Duality of Structure and the Distinctiveness of Technologies: About Case Studies and the World Outside
9:15 Risto Erasaari, Finland: Third Wave Expertise (Abstract)
9:30 Discussion of Session 1
10:00 Coffee Break
Session 2
Chair: Bernhard Wieser, Austria
10:15 Olga Stoliarova, Russia: Social Constructivism: An Ontological Turn (Analysis of some Trends of Postmodern Philosophy and Sociology of Science by the Example of "Symmetries")
10:30 Ernst Kotzmann, Austria: Machine - The Core of The Technological Civilisation
10:45 Ulrich Glotzbach, Germany: Modelling Technology Rise and Shaping: Towards a Culturalistic Theory of Socially Responsible Invention
11:00 Discussion of Session 2
11:30 Coffee Break
Session 3
Chair: Bernhard Wieser, Austria
11:45 Adelina Ilieva, Bulgaria: Ethics in Regulatory Action: Social Shaping of Biotechnological Research
12:00 Sandra Karner, Austria: The Assessment of Genetically Modified Food Safety
12:15 Gerd Schienstock, Finland: The Regional Dimension of Innovation Processes, Positions
12:30 Discussion of Session 3
13:00 Lunch Break
Session 4
Chair: Guenter Getzinger, Austria
14:30 Tatiana Leontieva, Russia: Western Influence on the Process of Restructuring of the Science and Technology Sector in the Transition Economy of Russia in 1992 - 2002. Social Effects: Women's Perspective
14:45 Radostina Angelova, Bulgaria: Beyond Students' Attitudes toward Technology Studies
15:00 Ellen Balka, Canada: The Sex of Skill: The Intersection of Sex, Gender and Skill in Participatory Technology Design Projects.
15:15 Discussion of Session 4
15:45 Coffee Break
Session 5
Chair: Guenter Getzinger, Austria
16:00 Gerald Berger, Austria: Environmental Governance for Sustainable Regional Development: Reflections on the Issue of Power in Policy-Making
16:15 Todor Galev, Bulgaria: Dual Use Research: Between Engineering Technology and Social Networks
16:30 Discussion of Session 5
18:30 Excursion to Biobuschenschank Rupp, Spielfeld, Southern Styria

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