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Programme 5th IAS-STS Annual Conference

26th- 27th May 2006, Graz


This interdisciplinary conference aimed to investigate the links and interactions between science, technology and society with a special focus on technology assessment and the development and implementation of socially and environmentally sound technologies.


1. Gender – Technology – Environment

Women with their various interests, competencies and potentials play an important part in the process of shaping socially sound and environmentally friendly sustainable technologies – be it as users and consumers, or as experts. Contributions should focus on research in the field of women in traditionally male fields of engineering, on ways of creating cultures of success for women engineers (students, graduates), and on masculinity and the culture of engineering.

2. Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects of Human Genetics and Biotechnology

One focus of the conference will be on research projects providing a better understanding of human genetics or biotechnology in the context of manufacture, application and regulation. Researchers investigating socio-cultural aspects of genetic testing or risk issues in biotechnology are especially encouraged to contribute.

3. Technology Studies and Sustainability

We invite presentations of research projects contributing to the issue of sustainable development from the perspective of social studies or the history and philosophy of science and technology. Papers on projects studying socio-economic aspects of environmental technologies or strategies of environmental technology policy, such as user participation, strategic niche management or ecological product policy are most welcome. We encourage both theoretical analysis as well as empirical case studies and implementation research.

4. Information and Communication Technologies

For the first time, a fourth focus of the conference will be on novel developments based on information and communication technologies (ICT) from an STS point-of-view. Topics like embedded systems, ubiquitous computing or ICT applications in traffic systems shall be analysed with respect to their wider social and political implications. Further issues of interest are the social shaping of new ICT developments and participative approaches to the design of ICT systems and applications.

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