IAS-STS / Publications / IAS-STS Work-in-Progress Workshop 21.09.00

Programme IAS-STS Work-in-Progress Workshop 21 September 2000

The Global Governance of Biotechnology. Elements of a Ccomparative Regime Analysis
Daniel Barben

Innovation Based Economic Models
Eva Estók

Uniting the Economy with Ecosystem Through Postmodern Science: A Rebuttle
Alan Marshall

Gender an Appropriate Technology at Grassroots Level
Cristina Marcolin

Socio-psychological reasons and factors for choosing engineering as a career upon entrance at University. Results and data analysis of investigation with beginners from TUG
Radostina Anguelova

Homo Ludens, Deus Ex: Interactivity and Computer Narrative
Alen Vitas

Here and now and body-hot - The interplay of technology and the human body in Don DeLillo´s Valparaiso
Michael Stockinger

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