IAS-STS / Publications / Presentations 10th IAS-STS Annual Conference

Presentations 10th IAS-STS Annual Conference

Agrobiotechnology in developing countries: the case of South-East Asia
Gloria Adduci

How do you manage? The varieties of ‘community’ in the transition to low carbon futures
Gerald Aiken

Towards a feminist ethics of knowledge modeling for the future Web 3.0
Corinna Bath

Energy Poverty: a sociological case study in Styria/Austria
Thomas Berger

Patterns of energy use in energy-aware households
Lisa Bohunovsky, Sigrid Grünberger

Gender Struggles in Web 2.0
Tanja Carstensen

Transdisciplinary Methods for Researching and Supporting Ecological Entrepreneurship: Researcher-Merchant Partnerships in Cambodia
Hart Feuer

Overcame by Leviathan: Setting up alternative agro-food networks in eastern european countries
Wojciech Goszczyński

The Concept of ‘Heteronormativity’ and its Methodological Implications
Birgit Hofstätter, Torsten Wöllmann

The organizational development of renewable energy: the case of Wave Hub
Marfuga Iskandarova

Integrating researchers’ and stakeholders’ perspectives in research on alternative agro-food networks
Sandra Karner, Nicoleta Chioncel

Rivers, reservoirs and ripariansThe multiple dimensions of flood control on the Kemi River
Franz Krause

Revitalizing East Asia’s Old Virtue of Filial Piety in 21st Century Informational City? Social Shaping of New Media for Inter-Generational Communication in Global Ageing
On-Kwok Lai

Discursive aspects of GMO risk policy in Latvia
Zane Linde

Limits to Managing Environments. An Exercise in Constructing Order
Ingmar Lippert

Unbundling of District Heating Co-operations in Stockholm?
Dick Magnusson

Policy impacts of ethical advisory bodies on the societal regulation of biotechnology
Franc Mali, Toni Pustovrh, Blanka Groboljšek

Green Work-Life Balance – a new concept for promoting sustainable consumption
Viola Muster, Ulf Schrader

Nachhaltiges Handeln im beruflichen und privaten Alltag

Working within and beyond the market. Individual and societal recognition for sustainable work
Linda Nierling

Reflecting the individual use of web 2.0 tools
Jutta Pauschenwein, Anastasia Sfiri

“Integrating research and teaching by inter- and transdisciplinary case-studies: The case-study on mobility management along corridors.“
Alfred Posch, Ralf Aschemann, Karin Dullnig, Karl Reiter, Ulrike Seebacher

Socio-technical transitions towards sustainable energy systems – some conceptual remarks
Harald Rohracher

Digital Civic Engagement among Anarchist Activists in Poland
Lisiunia A. Romanienko

‘Environmental citizenship’ in energy-related community projects
Anna Schreuer

Transdisciplinarity in Sustainability Studies: Theoretical Debates, Methodological Challenges and Empirically Gained Experiences
Irmgard Schultz

Urban batteries - The energy potential of small urban and rural settlements in the region of Vojvodina
Ivan Simic

Trusting Differently Diversity-aware search for people, content, events
Judith Simon

Participatory modelling and sustainability research: concepts, means and aims of knowledge integration
Barbara Smetschka, Veronika Gaube

Integrating socio-economic assessment of GMOs into decision making - exploring the challenges
Armin Spök

Responsivity as a transdisciplinary research principle
Ulli Vilsmaier

Transition to bioenergy systems in transition economies: Case of Ukraine
Yulliiya Voytenko

Web 2.0 & Diversity: Gender and Technology in Action
Heike Wiesner

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