IAS-STS / Publications / Proceedings 11th IAS-STS Annual Conference 7-8 May 2012

Proceedings 11th IAS-STS Annual Conference 7-8 May 2012

ISSN: 2304-4233

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Klaus Kraemer:
Precarious wealth and sustainable consumption
Verena Winiwarter:
Energy as driving force of World History?
Ria Müller:
Examining the realistic potential for stimulating sustainable innovation
Bernhard Wieser:
Why it matters who we are: on methodological aspects of the social study of science and technology
Sustainability 1
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Yu Inutsuka & Osamu Sakura:
Escape from consumption of nature and human existence – interdisciplinary perspective
Florian Muhle:
A sustainable future in the making. How students bring sustainability into the architectural design process
Sustainability 2
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Jamilia I. Jeenbaeva:
Organizational greening through footprint reporting and promotion of green jobs and competencies: how labour relations transform
Renate Handler:
DESIRE: Familiarizing SMEs with Design and Ecodesign
Nóra Gröger & Mária Vágási:
Aspects of the Contribution of Certification Organisations to a Broader Adoption and Development of Sustainability in the Supply Chain
Noémi Munkácsi & Mária Vágási:
Aspects of International Cultural Differences in Sustainable New Product Development and Commercialization - The Case of the Heat Pump on the European Regional Markets
Energy & Climate 1
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Harald Rohracher & Michael Ornetzeder:
Configuring sustainable systems of provision
Seyed M.S. Emamian:
The Politics of Innovating Governance in the UK Energy Policy: The Case of Electricity Market Reform
Magdolna Prantner:
Driving forces and barriers of the Hungarian renewable energy policy development
Energy & Climate 2
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Anup Sam Ninan:
Energy as a Network Effect: The Case of Renewable Energy Carbon Offsets
Katalin Kovács:
The role of SMEs and user-involvement in enhancing innovation in the renewable energies sector
Wiktoria Glad & Katharina Reindl:
Collaboration for reduced energy use in Swedish rental flats – a socio-technical perspective
Michael Ornetzeder & Harald Rohracher:
Why are so many passive houses in Austria?
Energy & Climate 3
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Aleksandra Stupar:
Tradition vs. Innovation: upgrading the city and ist architecture
Agata Stasik:
Dreams of Power: Approach toward Shale Gas Exploitation as a Part of Political Culture
On-Kwok LAI:
Poverty of Energy-cum-Technology after Fukushima 3.11 Disasters? Transformative Experience for Japanese to
Re-Sourcing New Energy
Energy & Climate 4
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Anna Schreuer:
Energy cooperatives in sustainable energy transitions
Carolina Collaro:
Territorial smart growth and renewable energy: the case of micro and mini hydro energy in Veneto region
Steffen Wirth:
Institutionalization of agricultural biogas: a question of normative and cultural preconditions
Julia Terrapon-Pfaff, Carmen Dienst & Willington Ortiz:
Adoption and diffusion of biogas-based solutions for the rural population as a case of socio-technical change
Biotech 1
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Franc Mali & Tony Pustovrh:
Mechanisms for Responsible Research and Innovation: An Investigation of Ethical Advisory Bodies on the topic of Human Enhancement Technologies
Jacob Guggenheimer:
‘The Silence of the Doubts’ - Moral and legal philosophical reflections on the instrumentarium of genetic testing in immigration politics
Amber D. Nelson:
The Multiple (Bio)Politics of Health and Illness: Biomedicalization and Geneticization of the Emotions
and Behaviors of Youth
Gülsevim Evsel:
PGD as a tool of ‘let die’
Biotech 2
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Gyula Kasza:
Experiences of a focus group study on general biotechnology, cloning, xenotransplantation,
genetically modified organisms
Marko Ahteensuu:
Ignorance, Attitudes, and Science Communication in the Debate on Genetic Engineering in Agriculture
Alexander Bogner:
Talking Ethics in Technology Controversies
Special Session: Energy Poverty
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Ute Dubois & Eshien Chong:
Household vulnerability and energy conservation behaviour
Rose Chard:
Exploring the role of localism in fuel poverty policy
Christina Friedl:
Energy poverty and Awareness in Austria - An Empirical Stakeholder Analysis
Thomas Berger:
Energy poverty and STS
Special Session: Knowledge Brokerage
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Pauline Riousset:
Factors for successful interactions between policy, research and civil society. A comparative analysis of policy relevant agroenvironmental modelling
Ann Bruce and Kenneth O’Callaghan:
Policy placement fellowships and their role in knowledge exchange
Rafael Schögler:
Participatory Research Funding as a First Step Towards Robust Knowledge Production?
Anna Zivian:
“Partial” knowledge brokers: Environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs) and ocean governance
Eva Kunseler:
Dealing with Plurality? A reflection on practices of strategic knowledge production at the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
Quy-Hanh Nguyen:
Neither top-down nor bottom-up: Farmer-led knowledge brokerage for sustainable rural development in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta
Special Session: Stimulation of innovation through public procurement
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Anarbekov Erbol:
Installing a Household Water Treatment Technology in the Uzbekistan: Case Study of Launching Aquatabs in Uzbekistan
Special Session: Mobile learning
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Anita Thaler:
How smart technologies brought e-learning to another level
Ágnes Fésüs, Gábor Pörzse:
Is E-learning a tool for education or is it the reinterpretation of education?
Jutta Pauschenwein:
Am I smart enough to participate in a MOOC?
H. Eray Çelik:
A Semi-Structured Distant Education Practice towards Van Earthquake
Ulf Ortmann:
The Practice of Automatic Identification. Ethnographic Case Studies on Ubiquitous Computing in Working Life
Gabriele Hoeborn, Jennifer Bredtmann:
Mobile Learning and Working – should mobility and flexibility get limits? Results of a Case Study
Special Session: Queerness in STS
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Birgit Hofstätter:
Queer STS: An Introduction
Susanne Kink, Magdalena Wicher:
Bringing a queer perspective in qualitative research about scientific cultures
Julian Anslinger & Lisa Scheer:
Queer perspectives on psychological studies on the relationship between sex and intelligence

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