IAS-STS / Publications / Proceedings 12th IAS-STS Annual Conference 6-7 May 2013

Proceedings 12th IAS-STS Annual Conference 6-7 May 2013

ISSN: 2304-4233

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Daniel Barben:
How to Meet a Global Challenge? Germany's Envisioned Energy System Transformation in the European Context
Gianluca Brunori:
Sustainability, behavioral change and consumers' freedom: the case of food
Eva Buchinger:
Sustainable and Innovation Promoting Public Procurement
Tanja Carstensen:
Feminist, queer, intersectional - What can STS learn from current debates in Gender Studies?
Towards Low-Carbon Energy 1
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Stefan Aykut:
Opening up and closing down energy futures: energy scenarios in Germany and France
Katherina Grashof:
Security of power supply in Germany – we better walk alone?
Eirik Frøhaug Swensen:
Hostages of the future – the Norwegian debate on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
Ivan Tchalakov & Martin Ivanov:
The Current’s Power and Resistance
Towards Low-Carbon Energy 2
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Anna Schreuer:
Making space for community energy: the emergence of citizen power plants in Austria and Germany
Alexandra M Gormally et al.:
Community-based renewable energy – exploring resource potential and community attitudes with residents in Cumbria, UK.
Carly McLachlan:
Looking behind and beyond accusations of NIMBYism: a framework for identification and analysis of stakeholder responses to renewable energy developments
Gerhard Fuchs:
Addressing Climate Change: The Governance of Technical Innovations in the Energy Sector
Aleksandra Stupar:
(Un)folding the green future: Architecture between bio-mimicry and techno-flamboyanse
Towards Low-Carbon Energy 3
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David Grover:
Technology composition in a long-run pollution transition: evidence from the (virtual) elimination of ozone depleting substances in developing countries
Kesheng Shu et al.:
Sustainable Bioenergy Use and Climate Change in China. A Spatial Agent Model for the Case of Jiangsu Province
Michael Ornetzeder:
Distributed renewable generation and demand response
Towards Low-Carbon Energy 4
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Philipp Späth & Harald Rohracher:
How to change mobility practices? The case of Vauban in Freiburg (Germany) reconsidered
Hami Yousefdehi:
Identification and Analysis of Systemic Failures in Austrian Innovation System
Towards Low-Carbon Energy 5
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Gareth Powells et. al:
Smart Grids and the Flexibility of Everyday Life
Ellis Judson et al.:
Fostering active network management through SMEs practices
Prevention Technologies
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Robin L. Pierce:
Between Prevention and Treatment: Status-defining technologies
Claudia Schwarz:
Nano should not turn out like that…Analogies as prevention technologies in lay talk about nanotechnology governance
Mauro Turrini:
Technological Innovation Under Restrictive Regulatory Conditions. The Strange Case of the Ethics-Driven Development of Preconception Genetic, Diagnosis
Martin G. Weiss:
Genopolitics: The medicalization of political behavior
Energy Poverty
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Lauren Probert et al.:
Energy poverty eradication in policy and practice: lessons from the English experiment
Ute Dubois:
Implementing fuel poverty policy: the challenge of identification of fuel poor households
Andrea Höltl et al.:
Quantifying Austria’s Energy Poverty
Sylvia Mandl:
From local to national: Tackling fuel poverty in Austria
Thomas Berger:
Prepaid-Meters and implications from STS
Life Sciences/Biotechnology 1
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Luca Leone:
Innovating the Law: the EU's Approach to Nanofood
Poonam Pandey:
Zeitgeist in Geisterstadt: Nanoimaginaries and Indian Agriculture
Priya Satalkar et al.:
Assessment of risks and benefits in FIH trials of nanomedicine
Toni Pustovrh et al.:
Regulation of new emerging technologies: focusing on pharmaceutical cognitive enhancement
Life Sciences/Biotechnology 2
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Anna Genske et al.:
The translation of synthetic biology medical devices into medical practice – Guiding the process
B. Giese et al.:
Exploring a new way of assessment – the case of Synthetic Biology
Mickael Pero:
Identifying Emerging Technologies: An Application to Nanotechnology
Lorenzo Beltrame:
A new socially distributed (bio)economic growth? Some theoretical reflections
Sustainable Food Systems
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Barbara Bódi et al.:
Reducing food waste – what is behind good habits and good practices? A research methodology consideration
Conor Carty:
Attitudes to Sustainable Intensive Agriculture
Murilo Pagotto & Anthony Halog:
Towards a Circular Economy: An Application of Input-Output Oriented Approach to Improve Eco-efficiency of Australia’s Food Industry
Laura Kuhl:
Technology Transfer for Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture: Case Studies in Ethiopia and Peru
Knowledge Brokerage                
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Michela Cozza:
Doing (Open) Innovation through Networking
Sandra Karner & Femke Hoekstra:
Value Creation in Knowledge Brokerage: An analysis of Communities of Practice dealing with Sustainable Production and Consumption of Food
Gender – Technology – Environment
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Brigitte Ratzer:
Bringing Gender into Technology – the Perspective of Gender Experts
Linda Nierling:
Renewing the relationship between technology and work? The case of technical support in elderly care
Christabelle Sethna:
Technologies of Surveillance: The Cold War, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Archiving of Women’s History
Queer perspectives on STS
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Andrea*s Jackie Klaura & Birgit Hofstätter:
Queer perspectives on STS. General discussion
Sara Lafuente:
Parthenogenesis? An elusive process within heteronormative imaginaries
Esther Ortega:
The International Campaign for Trans Depathologization impact’s on diagnosis and care practices changes
Anita Thaler:
Queering gender blindness“: About bringing gender – and not gender stereotypes – into green building research
Social justice and Diversity                
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On-Kwok Lai:
The Rio+20 Environmental Justice in Hyper-Modernization: Contradictions of the Millennium Development in a Globalizing World
Franz Seifert:
National Variants of the European anti-biotech movement: a comparative study of Austria, Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom
Resources in the Making                
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Michaela Mayrhofer:
The human as an essential biological resource?!
Eugénia Rodrigues:
An interpretation of nature: creating resources in a local woodland area
Sustainable and Innovative Public Procurement                
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Orsolya Diófási:
Green Public Procurement, the driver of innovation through product development and ecolabelling
Mikko Jalas:
Energy-intensity of domestic consumption activities: using time use survey data in a decomposition model

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