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Proceedings STS Conference Graz 2014

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Roberta Sonnino:
The New Geography of Food (In-)Security: Exploring the Potential of Urban Innovations
Sigrid Schmitz:
Bodily agencies: Materialities, Technologies, and Meanings from a feminist STS perspective
Angelika Tisch & Steffen Wirth:
Strategic Public Procurement – Rationales and Realities
Thomas Berker:
Rethinking energy efficiency in the built environment as dynamic relation between moving targets
Conference Themes                
Towards Low-Carbon Energy Systems 1                
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Bärbel Keysselitz:
Thinking, Planning and Making Futures: Towards a Better Understanding of Energy Scenarios in Interdisciplinary Research Settings
Markus Winkelmann, Andrea Immendörfer & Volker Stelzer:
Barriers, Success Factors and Policy Measures for the Decarbonisation of Neighbourhoods across Europe
Roman Seidl et al.:
An agent-based model of interdependent household investment decisions in distributed electricity generation
Nils Matzner:
Responsibility and Governance of Climate Engineering
Towards Low-Carbon Energy Systems 2                
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Ahlam Ammar Sharif:
The Transferability of Sustainable Design Concepts, the Case of Masdar
Günter Getzinger:
Limits of Energy Counseling: The Case of Styrian Architects
Life Sciences/Biotechnology 1                
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Lorenzo Beltrame:
Re-installing ethics into bio-objects. Cultural meanings and aporias of ethical stem cells
Michael Funk:
Life Sciences between Engineering und Unified Sciences – Questioning Social Embedding of Transdisciplinary Research
Eva Šlesingerová:
Biotechnologies in reproductive medicine — Janus-faced challenge
Michaela Mayrhofer & Bernhard Wieser:
Tumordiagnostics: perspectives for genome research in clinical practice?
Gyula Kasza et al.:
Vermicomposting – Waste Processing From Sewage Sludge to Greenhouses
Life Sciences/Biotechnology 2                 
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A.W. Betten:
Towards societal embedding of synthetic biology by organizing a fruitful science society dialogue
Franc Mali & Toni Pustovrh:
Anticipatory Governance of Synthetic Biology: some Challenges for Slovenia as a Country with weak Steakholder Networks
Gendered careers and disciplinary cultures in science and technology                
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Susanne Achterberg & Jennifer Dahmen:
How much Gender Equality Policies fits into the university? A case study at a German University
Larissa Müller et al.:
Investigating gender-neutral and gender-sensitive academic recruiting strategies
Martina Erlemann:
Entanglements of gender cultures and disciplinary cultures in physical sciences: Resonances and divergences
Diana Farías, Claudia Rubiano & Alexandro Escudero:
Gardeners, cooks, sailors and quantumists: how lines of research in chemistry careers at the National University of Colombia are generated
Susanne Kink:
Contrastive Perspective on Gendered Academic Cultures in the Natural Sciences
Sustainable Food Systems                 
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Elisabeth Bongert & Stephen Albrecht:
The hare & the tortoise: Who will prevail? Knowledge, power & rationality in the contested transition to sustainable food cultivation & consumption
Mette Weinreich Hansen & Niels Heine Kristensen:
Organic transition in the Danish jail system
Katarzyna Ewa Król:
Between ‘urban gardening’ and villages. Warsaw suburb gardens
Yana Manyukhina:
Ethical Consumption as a Reflexive Project: Negotiation of Consumer Identities through Ethical Labelling
Derly Sánchez Vargas:
Coffee, Certification Schemes and the reshaping of Sustainability
Sandra Karner:
Scaling-up Local Food Systems: adaptation, appropriation, transformation in a hybrid space
Special Sessions                
Social justice and Diversity 1                
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Yvonne Rydin:
Materiality and the Governing of Neighbourhoods: commercial areas, communities and sustainability
Andreas Schadauer & Benedikt Springer:
Socio-technological job search and recruitment in a segregated labour market: Inclusion, exclusion and opportunities
On-Kwok Lai:
Human Rights for All in the Globalization Project @ New Media Spaces? Interfacing Social Justice and Larger Freedom in the Information Age
Oscar J. M. Castañeda:
Locating disease and inequity: Vaccines, cancer and politics of prevention in Colombia
Zsófia Bauer:
Systematic inequalities in medically assisted reproduction in Hungary – the patients’ perspective
Social justice and Diversity 2                 
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Neil Simcock, Rosie Day & Gordon Walker:
How is energy implicated in a minimally decent life? Socio-technical change and social justice
Tania Berger:
Rural health electrification –organizational and socio economic implementation supported by recurring monitoring
Christoph Manuel Steiner & Sebastian Seebauer:
Policy instruments to combat energy poverty: Accuracy of governmental regulations and acceptance by affected households
Andrea Höltl & Tania Berger
Reduction of Energy Poverty by Building Renovation under Tennants’ Participation (RedEn!)
Thomas Berger:
Energy poverty as a socio-technological configuration
Energy systems in transition – strategies of incumbent actors 1                
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Eeva-Lotta Apajalahti & Armi Temmes:
Large incumbent organizations engagement to field changing innovations
A. Maibaum, M. Kiehl & J. Weyer :
Grid operators under pressure. Coping strategies of incumbent energy com-panies
Sandra Wassermann:
German incumbents’ strategy of legitimating fossil power plants
Gregor Kungl:
The Leading German Energy Providers and the Transformation of the German Energy System
Energy systems in transition – strategies of incumbent actors 2                
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Pia Laborgne:
Involving Incumbent  Actors in Local Strategies for Energy System Transformations. Examples from three Case Studies
Aleksandra Lis & Piotr Stankiewicz:
The place of risk in the visions of shale gas governance in Poland
Alexander Lang:
Fracking in Austria - and beyond
Mario Neukirch:
Conflicts over the extension of the German electricity grid
Energy Consumption in Organizational Settings                
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Magdalena Wicher:
A model describing user satisfaction in green office buildings
Helen Gansmo & Thomas Berker:
Knowledge transfer in design and energy operation of building projects. Achieving sociotechnical transitions towards Zero Emission Buildings through learning
Judith Rognli:
Employees’ energy cooperatives: hybrid organizational structures for greening companies from within
Anja Gräf:
Beyond switching-off the lights: A conceptual model for explaining employees’ green extra-role behaviors in companies
Wibke Tritthart:
Using agent-based modelling for indoor thermal comfort assessment
Foodscapes Beyond the Alternative/Conventional Food Networks Binary                
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Samantha Foster:
The Social Life of Wheat
Johanna Herrigel:
From conventional to developmental food networks, and back again? Fragile articulations of global fresh produce chains in Northern Tanzania
Rory Hill:
Convention and alterity in terroir: a regional perspective
Fransisca Tan:
Beyond the Visible: A Phenomenology of Food Pornography
Eifiona Thomas Lane, Sian Pierce & Dave Beck:
Food Boxes - a sustainable means of responding to local food demands and for nutritional needs locally?
Parto Teherani-Krönner:
Meal Cultures: cooking and the kitchen as missing links
Key Concepts of Agro-Food Studies 1                
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Ernst Langthaler:
The Food Regime Concept: Strengths and Weaknesses
Marianne Penker:
The embeddedness concept  - mapping the ecological embeddedness of food supply chains
Christof Lammer:
Co-Production Beyond Alternative Food Networks
Markus Schermer:
Transition in food systems: the case of the Austrian dairy sector
Key Concepts of Agro-Food Studies 2                
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Rengenier C. Rittersma:
Between grounding and imagination: Towards a history of the concept of terroir
Evelien de Hoop & Petr Jehlicka:
Reluctant Pioneers: Environmental NGOs and Food Self-Provisioning in Post-socialist Czech Republic
Petra Braun:
Food Gardens in Uganda/Africa – a model for a sustainable local food system providing food and nutrition security and food sovereignty?
Friedrich Leitgeb, Susanne Kummer & Christian R. Vogl:
Grassroots approaches to cope with global change on farm-scale – Insights from farmer’s experiments and innovations in Cuba
Bodies – Technologies – Gender                
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Technological transformation, gender and labouring bodies: Exploring socio-technical interactions in System of Rice Intensification (SRI) taking cases from Odisha, India
Anita Thaler:
Online harassment and online solidarity – a technofeminist perspective
Birgit Hofstätter:
Video remix and political participation: A concept for critical media education
The politics of ICTs 1                
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Johanna Sefyrin & Katarina L. Gidlund:
Inscriptions of Norms, Values and Hegemonies on Different Technological Levels
Waltraud Ernst:
Escape identification? Responsibilities, agencies and feminist opportunities within new developments of information and communication technologies
Doris Allhutter:
How concepts of ideology, hegemony and sociomateriality frame the micro-politics of ICT design
The politics of ICTs 2                
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Anne Dippel:
Fighting with Vidyo for common Goals! Virtue and vice of communication technologies in team-oriented knowledge production of high-energy physics
Katja Schönian:
Screens that dis/connect: On the ambivalences of implementing intranet software
Annalisa Pelizza:
Translating Governmentality. An ANT-Informed Analysis of the Digitization of Governmental Information Flows
Astrid Mager:
Google media coverage in the context of EU data protection reform
Inside the Parliament 1                
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Stefan Laube:
The Labs of the Parliament: Making Use of Laboratory Studies for Investigating Political Work
Jennifer Brichzin:
Discovering Materiality in Political Issue-Formation
Emil Urhammer:
On the trail of the Calculator Boys
Alejandro Esguerra:
Inside a transnational Parliament in Action
Inside the Parliament 2                
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Samuel Shapiro:
Technology, Law and Forms of Government at the National Assembly of Quebec: An Anthropologist’s Perspective
Endre Dányi:
Politics beyond words: The curious relationship of the Holy Crown of Hungary and the Hungarian Parliament
From STS to SSH: Translating STS concepts for the study of social sciences and humanities (SSH) 1                
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Werner Reichmann:
The Subject-Object-Relationship in the Social Sciences – The Epistemic Participation of the Analyzed
Pia Vuolanto:
Prospects for the science and technology studies concept ‘boundary-work’ in studies of social sciences and humanities
Emils Kilis:
Wandering off the Beaten Path: An STS Study of Sociology
From STS to SSH: Translating STS concepts for the study of social sciences and humanities (SSH) 2                
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Katja Mayer:
Horizons of Social Sciences and Humanities in European Research Funding – a story of multiple enactments
Kristoffer Kropp:
Europeanizing Social Science - The case of the European Social Survey
Judit Gárdos:
Explanation of prejudice in contemporary Hungarian sociology. A case study

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