IAS-STS / Voices / 2014/15 / Bärbel Keysselitz

Bärbel Keysselitz

In spring 2015, I spent two month at the IAS-STS in Graz. It was a perfect time, place and surrounding to calm down and concentrate on my PhD project. Graz is a lovely city. There is culture, good food, and beautiful nature. The IAS-STS provides great facilities and – as important – a very welcoming atmosphere. I really enjoyed the discussions with other fellows and IFZ staff members over a cup of coffee or during lunch. That did not only help me advance my professional work but also made me feel home in a foreign town. Thanks to the IFZ staff members, the other fellows and visiting scholars as well as my roommates, Graz was an experience I would not want to miss!

Bärbel Keysselitz, Germany, IAS-STS Research Fellow 2014/2015

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