Using co-creation and participatory research for ‘Gendered Innovations’

26. January 2023

The Gendered Innovations training programme by the nexus Institute in cooperation with TU Berlin demonstrates how sex and gender analysis can be an applicable tool to various industries in order to unclose vital paths for a world recognized in its diversity. Anita Thaler provided the VITAPATCH case study to share insights about the background of "Gendered Innovations" as well as the application of participatory methods for adapting the concept.

Co-creation and participatory research is based on the involvement of stakeholders to conduct an inclusive research design throughout the whole process. This form of responsible research is often much more difficult to achieve in practice than in theory, for instance when it comes to the inclusion of diverse groups. In the FFG funded project VITAPATCH Thaler drew attention to an intersectional gender approach, targeting a user-defined design, which already included diverse perspectives in the making.

Gendered Innovations-Video: Anita Thaler explains the approach of VITAPATCH