The Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society (IAS-STS) hosts international guest scientists who investigate links and interaction between science, technology and society, as well as research on the development and implementation of socially sound and environmentally sustainable technologies.

  • My time as a Research Fellow at IAS-STS between October 2016 – January 2017 gave me a great opportunity to work effectively on my book manuscript Schizoanalysis and Animal Science Education, which has now been published by Bloomsbury Academic. My concentrated research time at the IAS-STS was absolutely necessary to finalize this project, and I wish to thank everybody at the IAS-STS for making it possible. During my fellowship period I also enjoyed the friendship and exchange with numerous colleagues. Graz with surroundings is a cultural hub in Styria and a very vegan-friendly city, and all these aspects contributed to making my stay memorable.

    Fellow at IAS-STS: 2016/2017

    Helena Pedersen
  • In spring 2015, I spent two month at the IAS-STS in Graz. It was a perfect time, place and surrounding to calm down and concentrate on my PhD project. Graz is a lovely city. There is culture, good food, and beautiful nature. The IAS-STS provides great facilities and – as important – a very welcoming atmosphere. I really enjoyed the discussions with other fellows and IFZ staff members over a cup of coffee or during lunch. That did not only help me advance my professional work but also made me feel home in a foreign town. Thanks to the IFZ staff members, the other fellows and visiting scholars as well as my roommates, Graz was an experience I would not want to miss!

    Bärbel Keysselitz, Germany, IAS-STS Research Fellow 2014/2015

    Bärbel Keysselitz
  • Although I spent only four weeks in Graz my stay was very productive and enriching. I met a lot of interesting researchers working in STS with which I could share and discuss my ideas. The staff was very welcoming too. I also valued the time I had for writing and thinking in the well quipped and sunny workspace – with kitchen and sofa! The office has a lovely view and is in the center of Graz. Graz is a beautiful city. It is a lively town and there are a lot of interesting cultural events. You are very close to nature and can do great tours in the mountains. All in all I can recommend a stay at the IAS-STS very much and hope to come back to Graz at one time.

    Fellow at IAS-STS: 2014/2015

    Eva Saenger
  • Following on from my 2014/15 stay I will continue for another year as an IAS-STS research fellow. I strongly recommend the workspace, which has a lovely view, for writing and focusing on your subject, the libraries and the intellectual exchange with other fellows and members of the institute is very productive. Do not miss the annual highlight, the STS conference, not only for networking and the presentations, but also for the wonderful locations! The beautiful city of Graz is another asset for everyone who loves living in a bigger town, but also being close to nature (vineyards, mountains, etc.).

    Doris Leibetseder, Austria/USA, IAS-STS Research Fellow 2014/2015 and 2015/2016

    Doris Leibetseder
  • In 2017, I spent 3 very enjoyable and productive months at the IAS-STS. Graz is a beautiful, lively city with great food, wine and hospitality and the IAS-STS has a very welcoming and stimulating environment. The office I shared with the other research fellows was not only a place of knowledge exchange between young academics from diverse national and disciplinary backgrounds but also of a growing sense of comradery developed over shared meals and cups of coffee. The break from daily life and the change in scenery energized me to focus on my PhD dissertation and the discussion during our biweekly workshops was fruitful and interesting. As I was in Graz during May, I was also able to attend the annual STS conference organized by IAS-STS, that not only had interesting communications but proved to be an excellent opportunity for networking with researcher from all over Europe. I’ll always remember my time at Graz - and especially the people I met there - fondly.


    Junqueira, Luis |Portugal
  • I spent a few months at the IAS-STS in 2015 after having completed my PhD. It provided me with an excellent environment to review and edit some chapters of my thesis for publication in journals. I had been previously employed at IFZ, the hosting organization of the fellowship programme, so I was not new to Graz or to the institute. Nevertheless I highly valued the friendly and inspiring working atmosphere at IAS-STS and very much enjoyed the international setting.


    Anna Schreuer
  • While a research fellow at IAS-STS from October 2014 through June 2015 (funded by the Ernst Mach Grant Worldwide) I have enjoyed the ability to focus entirely on my research and writing in a way that I never have before. Being located in Graz allowed me to travel with ease to locations across Europe to complete my research objectives, and my work has benefitted from numerous conversations with caring and engaged colleagues. I am pleased to be able to stay another year at the Institute, which will enable me to complete my book in process, and launch new collaborative research and policy projects with colleagues. I couldn't ask for a better 
    work environment or experience, and I have fallen in love with the beautiful and lively city of Graz.

    Nicki Cole, USA, IAS-STS Research Fellow 2014/2015

    Nicki Lisa Cole

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