Integrated Service Models for the increased resource-efficiency in the business-to-business sector (INERIWI)

For selected resources-intensive need fields in the economic sector the actual function and the use of the products were analysed, in order to find possible alternatives for delivering the actual service and/or the functions correlated with a material product.


Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology  




Institute for Industrial Ecology (IIÖ) (project leader), Joanneum Research, Institute of Sustainable Techniques and Systems

In workshops and interviews with enterprises (suppliers and selected customer groups) the possible range of innovative service models was depicted and confronted to the current situation of delivering function and already existing dematerialised services.

The received possibilities in the individual need fields were divided into models and characterised by their ecological, economic and social characteristics. From the characteristic of the service a decision making aid was compiled for enterprises of the producing industry, helping them to find out in which cases a transition from the material product to a service solution would bring economic, ecological and social advantages.

Research Topic