Providentia - Increased resilience in Austria through secure procurement

One aspect of the reliability of contractors has so far been given too little consideration in (public) tenders: the ability of the contractor to provide the service even in during a crisis or disaster. In the course of the project Providentia, a catalog of measures is being developed for (public) contracting authorities with which they can ensure security of supply even in the event of crises and disasters.


KIRAS, das österreichische Förderungsprogramm für Sicherheitsforschung



  • Herbert Saurugg, Experte für die Vorbereitung auf den Ausfall lebenswichtiger Infrastrukturen
  • Johannes Pöcklhofer, Projektentwicklung, Marketing-, Event- und Gemeindeberatung
  • Thomas Prinz, Krisenmeisterei

The catalog of measures is developed in cooperation with public and relevant private-sector clients and their suppliers. Specifically, the following methods are used to develop the practical catalog of measures:

  • Expert interviews with (public) clients
  • Workshop with (public) clients
  • Questionnaire surveys aimed at suppliers
  • Workshop with suppliers
  • Workshop with clients and suppliers
Research Topic